Bridge Event Postcard

This is a watered down version of an all church worship night we did called, "The Bridge".

Use it as a postcard, or even a logo if you would like.


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Daniel R   Level 1Daniel R 3 years ago Reply
very nice use of the font metropolis
Trey Connally   Trey Connally 3 years ago
Thanks Daniel! It's the first thing I've made using it. I'm very glad you like it! Your encouragement is a blessing.
Samuel Fyfe   Level 1Samuel Fyfe 3 years ago Reply
Very much diggin' this.  The bridge thing you got goin' on between the words is a sick idea.
Trey Connally   Trey Connally 3 years ago
Thanks so much Samuel; as stated above your encouragement is a blessing!
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Bridge Event Postcard

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